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Time Management free essay sample

Our constituency includes students from all disciplines and all levels of academic duty, from Foundation degrees and part-time Certificate courses through to PhD students. We have regular direct contact with a diverse student community, including international and mature students, and students with Specific Learning Difficulties. Some are studying part-time, while others are on placements or are distance learners.Given this privileged, direct and everyday access to a broad demographic of students, their experience of managing time at university and the effectiveness of interventions, it was appropriate for us to adopt an action research approach. As a consequence, we have established an iterative cycle of reflection on our own practice to motivate and identify areas for study. The research projects listed below were carried out at the University of Reading, 2005-2010. Sing practice-led enquiry to develop resources for time management in higher education Presentation reflecting on the use of practice-led enquiry as a tool for research and development in learning development. We will write a custom essay sample on Time Management or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Powering slides available here. Managing time at university: a learning development perspective on issues and effective interventions An overview of common issues with student time management and interventions which have proved effective in practice: developed through taking an action research approach to our work as student-facing learning developers at the University of Reading.Full write-up available here (PDF). Using student feedback to develop resources for time management in Higher Education This project trialed different formats for resource delivery with dents studying in different faculties at the University of Reading. By making the same advice on student time management available in three formats (paper, online and oral) to students in three different subject disciplines, we hoped to gain feedback on preferred formats for delivery of learning development resources, and on perceptions about time management for students in different disciplines.Full write-up available here (PDF). Poster presentation available here (Powering). Procrastination in university study: causes and solutions Being blocked, or putting off starting a study task is something that most students experience over the course of their academic careers. For a few, this is a more serious and persistent problem which may require a co-ordinates approach with referrals to other support services such as counseling and liaison between learning developers providing support and academic and personal tutors.Early intervention with effective strategies may prevent procrastination from becoming habitual and avoid some of the consequences hat make it difficult to break the cycle. This paper considers some of the root causes of procrastination, and describes some interventions that have proved effective with students in learning development practice. Poster presentation available here (Powering). Time management issues for mature students While effective time management can be a problem for all students in Higher Education, there are differences in the primary issues for particular groups. In turn, these may motivate the need for particular strategies for interventions y learning developers. While presenting a very broad constituency in terms of age and prior experience, the difficulties reported by mature students are often associated with a specific set of issues that include misapplications of Higher Education, the need to integrate study and other commitments, and a lack of academic confidence. This paper examines these issues and their effect on student time management, and describes some interventions that respond to them. Full write-up to follow.

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The Color Purple and Shug free essay sample

Every story has characters that have their own roles of keeping the story going. In â€Å"The Color Purple† by Alice Walker, one particular character goes beyond playing their part. Shug Avery. Shug Avery herself is a symbol throughout the story, though not the main character she works behind the scenes at adding more to the story. Shug serves as a symbol of a better life in the black community in which the book is based. Though the story seemingly goes on as a flow, there are stops and goes when Shug enters the scene. Shug Avery leaves an impression on every other character. She functions as a bold flower in a dim background in the story that slowly relates and combines with what is in the background. Shug changes lives with her boldness and promotes freedom that she believes everyone deserves. Easing into the beginning of the story, Shug is used as a bold feature in a blunt background. We will write a custom essay sample on The Color Purple and Shug or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At the start of the story the reader falls into the normalcy of the way of life and a woman always being controlled by man. Once Shug steps in however, she brings along a major contrast. Once the reader compares the differences, then the story has more of a feeling to it because there is something to compare the formal characters’ lives to. Shug is rich, a free woman and never takes orders from a man if she does not want to. In addition she is blunt, does as she pleases and sings with tight expensive clothes in public. Compared to what ‘dim background’ folk, Shug was just too special, lucky and good. Shug herself certainly felt that way. In the beginning when she arrives to live with Cecile and Mr. _ , Cecile writes, â€Å"She look so stylish it like the trees all round the house draw themselves up tall for a better look (45)†. Clearly Shug stood out and wore much more extravagant clothes than Cecile was used to seeing. Shug was definitely bringing difference and change to the house. She was very assure of herself and wanted only the best. Cecile states, â€Å"She look me over from head to foot. Then she cackle. You sure is ugly (47)†. Shug was open and her thoughts are what counted most. Clearly Shug provides a difference in atmosphere and shows a whole difference part of the world that Cecile and people in her family had only dreamed about. Shug was an outstanding contrast painting in midst of mellow paintings. After staying a while in the mellow paintings, Shug lowers her standards to her surroundings. She becomes the best friend of Cecile. Through understanding, listening and all the time she spends with Cecile, Shug changes her views of disgust to love towards Cecile. â€Å"I won’t leave, she say, until I know Albert won’t even think about beating you (75)†. Shug is constantly learning how different life is for Cecile and when she hears about Cecile being beaten, Shug takes it to change things herself. Shug herself promotes her independence and rights throughout the story. Through her own independence, she becomes a figure that Cecile and other women look up to as their fighter for freedom, or someone to learn from. A free woman is a happy woman and that is secretly what all the woman want. And Shug is the free woman to follow. At one point Sofia was put in prison for denying, and getting physical, a white woman her service to her kids. Miss Shug cuss, she come special from Memphis to see Sophia (88)†. Throughout her long stay with Cecile and the family, Shug had come to believe them as part of her own family also. Shug has become a protector too all that know her well. She might be sassy and rude at times but she now cares for this family that has multiple problems with staying together. She is now the strong glue that holds every one together, and the lady that women look up to. Throughout the book though Shug’s attitude and perspective of life stay the same, she changes others. Shug is a symbol of strength for many, especially Cecile. Shug has no strings attached to her families, sings in public with expensive clothes without embarrassment and never lets herself be treated wrong by a man. Her easiness with her seemingly stressful life puts her in a position of awe for others. There are multiple couple fights and breakups in the story, but with Shug around to support the girl, things do not get too messy and physical. When Shug announces that she is leaving to Memphis with Cecile, Mr. _ says he thought Cecile was finally happy. In reply Cecile says, â€Å"You a lowdown dog is what’s wrong, it’s time to leave you and enter into the Creation. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need (199)†. Shug had taught her that. Shug taught Cecile to stick up for herself and not let a greedy angered man always rule over her just because he thinks he can. She taught Cecile independence and that was the greatest gift to Cecile. Also, this was a turning point in the story. After the whole story having problems with men and beating, this showed that independence was not impossible. During this occasion, Sophia stands up to her husband too. When Cecile exclaims that Sophia would have never gone to prison if Harpo (her husband) had not tried to rule over her, Sophia said â€Å"A little truth in it (200)†. Confirming and standing up to what Cecile was saying. At one point Squeak decides she wants to speak and announces she is going to do so. First everyone is against it, but she is persistent with her wish and achieves it. Shug changed all these women. She brought in unity, love and strength so each could walk on their own feet. She opens their eyes and has them see that they are all equal and deserve their equal rights. Shugs boldness is like no other in the book. She does as she wants and listens to none other. Her happiness with just the way she is contagious throughout the story. Slowly other women realize that their happiness should not necessarily rest on a man’s happiness. Thus, a good change is funded through Shug. She depicts everything a woman wants and shows, indirectly, how to achieve them. Sometimes it is though the characters think pleasant kindness and simple pleasure are sin. Shug steps in and shows there is no such thing as sin besides treating another as a slave.

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buy custom Pacific Quad Incorporation essay

buy custom Pacific Quad Incorporation essay The defendant in this case is the Pacific Quad Incorporation. Ladies, gentle and the distinguished jury, the testimony that is going to be presented and heard in this case, may at times prove to be complicated, but still there is some remedy to it. The rule that the judge is likely to ask to be applied at the end is rather simple: Did Pacific Quad Inc., fail to take immediate action to stop its operations manager from sexually harassing Ms. Rowe, an event that led to her wrongful dismissal? The indictment in this case sets for that the Pacific Quad Incorporations operations manager; Stanley Schmit sexually harassed his subordinate staff, Ms. Rowe. Schmit continuously made very offensive comments of sexual nature to Rower, leered at the plaintiff, brushing by her so that he could touch her, and even tried to proposition her. The defendant in this case did not plead guilty to the indictment. Therefore, it is the duty of the jury and the legal bench to prove the company guilty. And, if they prove the defendant guilty, every person with interest in this indictment must definitely find it so. The burden of proof lies on the prosecutor to precisely prove to that Schmit was an operations manager and an employee of the Pacific Quad Inc., and Walsh, the president of the company did nothing to stop him from his alleged sexual harassment against Rowe. Instead of taking some punitive or corrective action against Schmit, he simply ratified the sexual harassment claims that were brought before him. As agents of the company, both Walsh and Schmit who are in the position of authority and vested with the power of running the company, they are supposed to manage it with absolute care, diligence and profession, since they had failed in this, the company was liable to award damages to Rowe, if she wins the case. Schmit and Walsh could not be individually sued for the offense committed since they made the mistake in the course of duty. However, they can still be sued for failing to observe the professional diligence and care in the line of duty, which is against the set work standards, c odes of ethics and procedures. It would be one of the most barbarous facts, to sexually harass a lady and make her lose her employment, probably the only means of livelihood. Therefore, the plaintiff claims her lost wages, psychotherapy expenses, punitive damages, and emotional distress damages. Considering the facts in this case, relying on the presented substantive evidence, it is justified for the jury to compel the company to award damages for the loss suffered, as her compensation. Buy custom Pacific Quad Incorporation essay

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Change Management in the Learning Organization Essay Example for Free

Change Management in the Learning Organization Essay Organization (1318) , Structure (56) In this paper I intend to discuss change management approaches that support the learning organization philosophy. The learning organization is defined as an organization that acquires knowledge and innovates fast enough to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Learning organizations (1) create a culture that encourages and supports continuous employee learning, critical thinking, and risk taking with new ideas, (2) allow mistakes, and value employee contributions, (3) learn from experience and experiment, and (4) disseminate the new knowledge throughout the organization for incorporation into day-to-day activities. On the other hand we have a process called change management which is defined as minimizing resistance to organizational change through involvement of key players and stakeholders. At my organization these two go hand in hand and it allows for us as a company to experience constant growth and development of our staff. Our employees are more willing to welcome change when we train them in the process. As businesses moves through the 21st century, they are becoming more dependent upon their managers to be change agents. These companies actually seek managers who can bring success to their organizations. Three of the characteristics we look for in our new managers are they must have the ability to stimulate change, excellent planning capabilities, and ethics. Over the years I have spent in management I have learned that success in  becoming a learning organization relies on a commitment to learning on the part of the organizations I have worked for and the willingness of the individuals involved to be receptive to the change process. As a manager, what we usually can change falls into basically three categories; people, structure, or technology. An efficient manager will make alterations in these areas in an attempt to facilitate change. With people the change involves adjusting attitudes, expectations, perceptions, and probably most importantly behavior. Coaching people to adjust in these areas will help employees within the organization to work together more effectively. Changing structure relates to the job design, specialization, hierarchy and any other structural variables. These usually need to be flexible and non-static in order to be adaptable to change. When dealing with technological change we are looking at modifying work processes and methods along with the introduction of new equipment. To me learning organizations support the change process just as much as change management supports the learning organization philosophy. I say that because every change calls for some sort of learning as the more comprehensive the change the more attention we have to place on learning for the individuals involved in the change. By utilizing the learning organizations philosophies companies including the one I work for are able to magnify the potential of its employees which keeps them growing. Learning in action: a guide to putting the learning organization to work/ David A. Garvin Change Management in the Learning Organization. (2016, Aug 06). We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you

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Internet addiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Internet addiction - Essay Example People often tend to ask as to what internet addiction is. The focus of internet addiction can cause people to believe that they are being informed by the IAD, also known as internet addiction problem. This paper will look into the way in which internet manipulates people’s minds and distracts them, thus causing them to think about entirely different things and experience radical change in their priorities (Young, â€Å"Internet Addiction: Symptoms†). The solution to internet addiction is realization of addiction, time management, and increased family unions. Firstly, Internet addiction is a very nasty disorder that might even be more technical than the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that most of the world is aware about. Just like OCD, the roots of internet addiction disorder are psychological and are triggered due to a nervous system that exists within the brain. What is shocking though, is the mere fact that internet addiction problem does not get as serious as OCD and is not fatal, physically, but it is fatal in the sense that a person loses his ability to grasp priorities and change from one situation to another in a smooth transition. A person having internet addiction will always have this time crunching feeling that he needs to work on something different, something more reproductive, on the internet. For example, a person who has an assignment to compete for his college will often try to complete the assignment because he feels responsible for it. However, if that student is addicted to internet, he will often get an urge t o check what is going on when it comes to his Facebook account, Twitter account, some other social media platform account and thus get distracted immediately (Young, â€Å"Internet addiction: the†). His conscience may have been about fulfilling his responsibility but his obsession with social media platforms drives him to ruin his own work himself. Moreover, it also becomes hard for the

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International & Regional Financial Regulators Research Paper

International & Regional Financial Regulators - Research Paper Example 12). The operations are put at a level playing field which ensures that banking institutions contribute an equal amount of capital. It also ensures that some set of standards are complied to. Different countries and economies are affiliated to different regional central banks and international financial regulatory institutions. Some operate at a lower cost while some at a higher cost. Depositors prefer regulatory institutions which offer services at a lower cost as compared to the ones which offer services at a higher cost. It is also evident on this extract that regulatory bodies experience a cascading effect on their financial systems depending on their policies. It can be seen that the regulatory institutions with stringent policies have their market share eroded (Quintyn & Taylor 2004, pg. 6). Financial regulation is a form of supervision, monitoring, or offering of guidelines that subject financial institutions or any other financial elements within a financial system to restriction in order to maintain the integrity of the financial system. Governments and regional financial institutions regulate financial elements for safety. Financial safety protects the depositors and share holders of all financial institutions within a financial system. Financial safety prevents financial insolvency which might in turn lead to an economic, political, banking and a social crisis. International and regional financial regulation has its own pros and cons. Regional financial regulations impose restrictions to member financial elements which in turn force them to comply with the expected standards of performance in order to achieve the set objectives (Quintyn & Taylor 2004, pg. 26). These standards at times affect the member elements negatively or positively. For instance, a regional central bank might issue orders to the member elements to sell bonds to their account holders or shareholders in an effort to regulate a looming

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Composition About Film Essay Example for Free

Composition About Film Essay The film that I saw last week is about the dangerous art of extraction valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during sleep, when the mind is most vulnerable. The main character of the film called Cobb. He is a talented thief, the best of the best in his work. At the beginning of the film we see Cobb’s dream in which he with his wife lived in their town that they create alone in unexpected for me and I was surprising when I saw how in our dream we can see people who not existent in the reality. Then the point is that Cobb’s command received the proposition to change some events in the life of one of the richest company in the world. They had to do that this company fell down and other man who managing other company could be the first and control others. If Cobb, and his command do this he promise Cobb to help him with law, because as we know he was a thief and all police search him and that’s why he can’t returned home to his children. For this work he must to find a new architecture, because without him it will be not possible. Architect a specialist defining illusory world for another dream. The purpose of the architect when extracting designed sleep so sleep could not distinguish it from reality and create a sleeping most complex maze of sleep, from which the victim could not easily escape. The complexity of this work was that this dream consisted of three levels, that is to say they must to reach the deepest within of the subconscious to change what they want. Now their task not to steal an idea, but to implement it. If they succeed, it will be the perfect crime. I realized they done this work in the best way. To my mind this film is very interesting and exciting, but it is necessary to understand . It is fantastical, but as for me it was interesting to see what we can do when we sleep.